Online Private Yoga 

Private yoga sessions

from your home, 

created just for YOU


YES, you're in the right place!

So, you’re stuck at home. 


You’ve been practicing yoga with the same YouTube videos over and over again and honestly, you’ve had enough. Maybe you’ve even been paying for some group classes on Zoom, but aren’t showing up. 


And we get that. It’s simple. Life is busy (yes, even when staying at home). But what if with our private yoga sessions, we helped you work on a regular yoga practice? Think about it, a guided class created just for you. A self-care moment where all of our attention is just on you. 


Online Private Yoga will hold you accountable to take action, to practice yoga and to take care of yourself. Let's work together and reach these goals. 

Enjoy an online private yoga lesson in the comfort of your home, just you and us! 

Meet Vicky, BA,

Personal Yoga Coach

Vicky, founder of Private Yoga Online, fell in love with yoga as soon as she started practicing in 2014. It is after just a few minutes during her first class, that she knew she had to integrate yoga and its philosophy to her daily life. Living in what we could say is an accelerated world, Vicky needed a break from it all. It is yoga that has since then, been a way for her to find calm while working mentally and physically. Let’s put it this way, yoga showed up at the right time for her. 


Later in 2018, Vicky decided to continue her yoga journey with a 200 hour teacher training. Her mission today? Bring the yoga to you, share her passion and knowledge of the practice and its philosophy, teach the importance of finding alignment in yoga postures and lead students to the well-being that comes from a balanced physical and mental body. 


Through the past years, Vicky has practiced yoga in multiple countries, from Canada to the United States, to Mexico and Nicaragua, bringing a unique style to her teaching. 

Vicky's trainings include: