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Updated: Feb 20

Being in lockdown is difficult. It’s no longer possible to practice your favorite sports or even visit the restaurants you love. So, you leave the house to go get groceries… and that’s about it. Your mental health takes a hit and it's not easy.

Through all of this uncertainty, it would definitely feel good to move around, to clear our minds and to take a moment of self-care. This is where online private yoga becomes your best friend. Here are 4 reasons why thoughtful online private yoga sessions could be your ally to counter this second wave of Covid 19.

1. Postures and sequences adapted to your body and needs… online!

Yoga sessions taught in groups are normally built in a more "general" way, taking into considertation the different people who could attend (different ages, different physical health, etc.). However, when it comes to private sessions, they are created with a specific person in mind, taking into account all of their needs and goals. Thus, a private lesson will be way more adapted. Also, following private sessions online means no need to worry about social distancing. All that’s left to do is for you to let yourself be guided through a wonderful moment of self-care.

2. Specific goals determined in advance

When you choose to go ahead with private yoga lessons, you’ll have specific goals to determine ahead of time. These will then be taken into consideration when creating sessions. During each class, a follow-up will be made in order to work on achieving these

goals. Examples of goals often worked on during private yoga sessions are the following: regaining mobility, taking some «me time» and maintaining a physical or mental health.

3. Sessions adapted to YOUR schedule

Our lives quickly become overloaded, between work and children, it’s difficult to take time for yourself. Group lessons, despite the fact that they are also online now, have a fixed schedule. By opting for private sessions, it’s possible for you to choose the time you want to practice at. Whether it's early in the morning, in the afternoon or late in the evening, classes will be given according to YOUR schedule.

4. Motivation & regular practice

When the time comes to "get moving", a lack of motivation may show up…too often. At home, it might be much easier to turn on Netflix rather than taking time for a yoga session. You may even be paying for group sessions currently, but not doing them as no one is taking attendance anyway. Practicing yoga in private sessions means it’s only you and the teacher though. So guess what? You’ll have to show up. This makes it much easier to work on a regular yoga practice and put away the lack of motivation.

Treat yourself and enjoy a private yoga session in the comfort of your own home 💕

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