My favorite

Having taken yoga classes in the past, I confirm that the ones offered by Vicky are my favorite. Vicky is very attentive to our needs and she adapts the content of her courses accordingly. We feel very well supported and she always has good advice to help us develop our yoga practice.

Christiane, IT Consultant

Feel the present moment

I loved Vicky's classes. You simply feel the present moment and not the performance. She always prepares different sessions that target multiple aspects of yoga. She respects everyone's rhythm and her gentle approach is a melody for our body and our mind. She is very human, she provides comfort and softness.

Julie, Provision and Planning Director

I definitely recommend 

Vicky is very descriptive and offers valuable cues and helpful modifications. She has a positive energy with an obvious passion for sharing yoga through well planned classes that challenge the physical body, flexibility and balance.

Sarah, Sales Manager

Let go of stress

Being an anxious person, I stress about everything and I even have sleep problems. I had the chance to have a live session with Vicky and I discovered parts of my body that I had never noticed before. I was also able to focus on my breathing with beautiful postures in order to reduce the anxiety and even the stress that I had had in the last weeks. I thank this teacher for giving us a zen moment. We look forward to welcoming you for a next yoga session. 

Élodie, 15 years old

Great activity to share with family

My 8 and 10 year old kids and I have been taking classes with Vicky on Zoom twice a week since the start of confinement. Vicky is very patient with the little ones, yoga isn't always easy for 2 children who move a lot. Despite everything, the kids persevered and I can say that after the course, they are relaxed and ready to continue the day!

I recommend Vicky to anyone looking for a great activity to share with the family.

Sofia, Julian and Mara

Feel at ease

Vicky's yoga classes are my favorite. I really like the gentleness with which she guides her sessions, the construction of her lessons and the attention she pays to her students. Vicky is an excellent teacher who you can easily feel at ease with. I highly recommend her!

Romane, Marketing Assistant

Excellent flow & varied postures

I love Vicky's guided sessions as she offers a nice variety of postures from class to class. The flow is great and her voice is particularly soothing. I recommend this yoga teacher.

Sarah, Business Analyst